Dragon Boats at Science World, Day

Dragon Boats at Science World, Day (2016)

I decided to paint Science World again after the theft of my previous painting from Ian Tan Gallery in March 2016. It was quite shocking to have had the artwork stolen and I responded the only way I knew how, by doing another take on the same view!

While I was pleased with how the evening painting turned out, to most people the day time view of the location is more familiar and brings back memories of the dragon boat festival, kayaking in False Creek, or hanging out in the Olympic Village area. I don’t believe there is a building or landmark that is more closely associated with Vancouver than Science World. Most Vancouverites have fond memories of the location from Expo 86, visiting or sleeping over at Science World as a child, bringing their children to visit as an adult, or attending one of the many events hosted at the venue such as the Whiskey Classique or Halloween ball.

This particular scene is from April 28 2015 at around 5pm. This was my first visit back to Vancouver after moving to New York City. The scene takes place on the same day as my Vancouver Skate Plaza painting.