Canada Soup Cans

Canada Soup Cans (2016)

This set of nine soup cans is inspired by my amusement of how synonymous the Campbell’s Soup Can has become with Fine Art. Not only to the casual art connoisseur, but also with many established painters whom have crafted their own interpretation of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can. In a way, my art is a satire of such works, but the irony is I also fall into line with my own set.

While pondering the ubiquity of the Campbell’s Soup Can, I had noticed that the soup can appeared decidedly Canadian with the bold red and white color theme. The chosen cities represent Canadian cities that I have spent time in, and the taglines are either something that resonates with my personal experiences or a current hot button topic. The cans are arranged top to bottom from West to East, and are each framed in a light wood finish similar to Andy Warhol’s original soup can set as seen in MoMA New York.